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Tapping Emotions
Releases Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger & Panic


Step by Step Procedure To Tapping on Emotions:

  1. Print out the Tapping Points.
  2. Determine the severity of that emotion. (1 being not a problem and 10 being a very severe problem).
  3. Choose the emotion you wish to work on. Think about it carefully and use your own words to describe it.
  4. Develop a statement about that emotion. Example: Even though I am so very angry that I could explode, I deeply and completely love and accept my self anyway.
  5. With the Tapping Points diagram in front of you, raise your hand and tap on the karate point. It's the area opposite your thumb. With your other hand tap on this and repeat your statement three times.
  6.  Working now on the tapping points from 2 to 9, tap on each one stating something about your emotion.
  • Eyebrow: My anger
  • Side of eye: I'm so angry!
  • Under eye: I don't deserve to be treated this this!
  • Under nose: It reminds me of when__________. (fill in the blank).
  • Chin: Boy, I'm so angry I could spit nickels.
  • Collar Bone: I can't breathe I'm so angry!
  • Under arm: I can't breathe.
  • Top of head: Anger.

        7. Take a deep breath in through your nose and blow it out through your mouth.

       8.  Think about the emotion you are clearing. How do you feel about it now?  Reevaluate the severity of it. Is it still a 10 or would you         rate it lower?

You are looking to get it to at least a 1 or 2. Retap of you need to.

Understand - This is the very basic tapping for EFT. There are many other tapping procedures for EFT.

We all experience emotions. For those that are severe, it is helpful to have another assist you to work through them.

For further information about working withEFT:

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